Future Tutor
Season 1, Episode 1
First Aired August 13, 2004
Production Code S01E01
Writer(s) Tim O'Donnell
Director(s) Neal Israel
Episode Guide
"Future Jock"


Phil and his family are stuck in the 21st century. Not knowing when they'll return to their homes, Pim and Phil go to school. Pim becomes her class's chalk monitor, while Phil tutors Keely in Algebra and teaches her to be accepting of people outside her clique; Pim runs against Debbie in an election for chalk monitor.This is the Season Premire of Phil Of The Future


Ricky Ullman as Philip Diffy

Amy Bruckner as Pim Diffy

Craig Anton as Lloyd Diffy

Lise Simms as Barbara Diffy

Alyson Michalka as Keely Teslow

Kay Panabaker as Deborah Berwick

Brenda Song as Tia

Evan Peters as Seth Wassmer